What is Montessori?
Montessori is a philosophy with the fundamental tenet that a child learns best within a social environment that supports each individual’s unique development.

What makes Montessori different?
The “whole child” approach is what makes this teaching method different. The primary goal of a Montessori program is to help each child reach full potential in all areas of life. All activities promote the development of these four critical areas:

Social skills
Emotional growth
Physical coordination
Cognitive preparation

Why are those four areas important?
These four areas are the key to your child’s early development. Learning, discovering and growing in these areas will help your child develop the skills, talents and awareness he or she needs to grow as an individual now, and later on in their life.

What other qualities will Montessori help develop in my child?

Creativity: Educators encourage creative writing and extensions of materials, with students exchanging ideas and sharing their work freely in an open and imaginative environment.
Decisiveness: Montessori classrooms allow the child to choose activities through delineation of sensitive periods of development, working independently and in small groups.
Intelligence: Children are introduced to higher levels of academics in the Montessori Method by ability, not age, making your child’s development individualized, dynamic, and progressive.
Attentiveness: Activities include five senses, kinetic movement, spatial refinement, small and large motor skills coordination, and concrete knowledge that leads to later abstraction.
Confidence: Montessori helps children develop good self image and the confidence to face challenges and change with optimism.
Respectfulness: Ground rules protect the rights and liberties of each child, promoting the internalization of behaviors and values that will help them learn social skills intuitively.
Happiness: The classrooms are made to have the feel of “home,” a familiar and safe comfort for the students—parents are encouraged to visit their children within this environment too.
Well Roundedness: Students study cultures, religions, and holidays from around the world, with an emphasis on appreciation of famous artists and other culturally-significant areas.
Self-Discipline: Everything in a Montessori room has a place on the shelf, and, since children are orderly by nature, this allows them to mature and grow in a very positive way.

What is the curriculum?
Our curriculum may change based on the latest advanced Montessori learning strategies, developments and tools. Currently our typical curriculum may include (but is not limited to):

Practical Life
Natural Science
Foreign Language
Perceptual motor development

Are programs divided by age?
Our school programs are not divided by age, but structured under the proven multi-age grouping method. This provides many significant advantages to both younger and older children. Here are just a few.

Younger Children Learn…

Older Children Learn…
From older children To be role models
By watching and experiencing By understand their impact on others
By being taught by others By teaching others
Through the inspiration of older children To be good stewards and classmates
To communicate with others To be effective communicators
To collaborate and work as a team To be good leaders and teammates

What is the tuition?
A school director would be happy to discuss tuition for our schools in person. We do offer the following payments terms and discounts.
Tuition Payment Terms:

Distributed in ten payments.
The first is due with application (non refundable).
The remaining nine payments are due September 1 – May 1


10% 2nd Child
20% 3rd Child
5% if tuition is paid in full by June 1st

How do I get my child enrolled?
We do everything we can to answer your questions and make the application and enrollment process as simple and easy for you as possible. However, enrollment is limited, so it’s important to contact us right away, or schedule a tour to reserve your child’s spot.

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