Montessori of Plainfield Program Options
Available programs include:

  • Pre-Primary Program
  • Extended Day Kindergarten Program
  • Extended Day Program

Pre-primary Programs (ages 3-6)

  • Available three to five mornings
  • Morning sessions are three hours
  • This full three-year program is designed to develop the whole child and fulfill all needs up until first grade

What your Child Gains from Montessori Pre-Primary
There are no academic requirements for this age, but children are exposed to amazing amounts of knowledge and often learn to read, write and calculate beyond what is often thought unusual for a child of this age.

Option 1:  5 day program (Monday -Friday)

Option 2:  4 day program (Monday -Thursday)

Option 3:  3 day program (Mon./Wed./Fri. or Tues./Wed./Fri. – limited spaces available – only open to children that are 3 years old)


Class start and end times:

Morning Session

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM 3-hour program


Extended Day Kindergarten
11:30 AM – 3:00 PM Additional to AM Program
Monday – Friday 5 days per week

Extended Day (open to any child not of kindergarten age)
Monday – Friday, 5 days per week: 11:30 PM – 3:00 PM

  • Monday: Nifty Numbers
  • Tuesday: Science Discoveries
  • Wednesday: Art Appreciation
  • Thursday: Phonics Fun
  • Friday: Fun Friday

Extended Day Kindergarten
Montessori of Plainfield and Montessori of Frankfort schools are focused on multi-age teaching sessions that allow children to develop intuitively and through both peer and teacher example and instruction.

However, an Extended Day Kindergarten Program is available that adds an additional time at the end of the day that is dedicated solely to those of kindergarten age to work with peers and receive specific instruction.

In addition, the longer day can help your child make the transition to a traditional first grade school schedule smoother and less difficult. This helps lay the groundwork for the typical academic demands your child will experience in the future.