Our children’s Montessori of Frankfort experience has fostered their independence as well as their academic excellence. Their knowledge base has exceeded our expectations as well as the entry level expectations of the public school.

Amy Klein

Montessori of Frankfort has provided a solid foundation for our children. Our children love and this is a direct result of their Montessori experiences. Our children have thrived academically and socially. They are confident in their abilities and know how to face challenges. All of this was taught at Montessori of Frankfort. (2 children attended)

Joyce Hirschbeck
The Belofsky Family

Our family has been with the Montessori of Plainfield for 12 years. Not only have all six of our children gained a solid academic foundation, they have also enjoyed an abundance of love, patience and creativity. The Belofsky Family (6 children attended)

My son graduated from Montessori of Plainfield and my daughter is currently attending. It only took a few short weeks for me to appreciate the Montessori philosophy. Both of my kids have flourished in the learning environment. Each year they learned more than I would have imagined. That is because the teachers at Montessori create a fun and caring environment. I wish I had this opportunity when I was young! Danielle Galvin (2 children attended)

The Montessori of Plainfield has been such a positive experience for all of my children. The foundation this school created for my children has helped them become successful in their academic life at Saint Mary’s. It also helped prepare them for lessons in everyday life. We are big fans!

Maria Elster (3 children attended)

Montessori of Plainfield has been the best decision yet regarding my daughter’s education. She has learned to respect her peers. She is only four and reads and writes with such precision. Thank you, Montessori of Plainfield! Cynthia Alderson (1 child attended)

Our daughter is currently attending her third year at Montessori of Frankfort. During this time, we have watched our daughter thrive in an environment that nurtured and developed her abilities to their fullest potential. The school offers the best of both worlds with a strong academic program taught using the Montessori methods. (1 child attended)

The Hamwi Family

Dropping my child off each and every day I pull away knowing my daughter is safe, happy, excited and that she will be academically challenged in a learning environment like no other. Montessori of Plainfield has been one of the best decisions we have made for our children. (2 children attended)

Krista Powley