We Invite You to Schedule a Tour
We have an “open door” policy at our schools and would be more than happy to schedule a tour after school hours of our facilities, or even during school hours as a classroom observer (please follow the guidelines below).

Contact us today to schedule a tour.

Guidelines for Classroom Observation or ToursThe classroom you are observing belongs to the children working there.  In order to give them proper consideration, we ask your cooperation in the following way:

Please sit quietly and observe the children from the place to which you have been directed.  If you are accompanied by a child, please keep him/her seated with you.

As you observe, we suggest that you initially observe the class as a unit then concentrate on observing one or two children individually.  Here are some points to consider in your observation.

  • Independent work, group work.
  • Relation of children to each other and to the adults.
  • Atmosphere of responsibility, respect and freedom.
  • The environment: the Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Science areas.

As you leave following your observation, please stop and speak with a teacher to answer any additional questions.